So I am on vacation this week. We are at the Mall of America, well actually we aren't staying at the mall, though the girls (mine plus friend) would LOVE that, we are in a fabulous hotel across from the mall. Great digs!! Large suite, lots of room, and nice amenities. Free suppers, breakfast, pool, room service, all very cool. TGIF and Chevy's are in the hotel so you can order from there too.

So why am I discussing the food? Because vacations aren't really vacations for mom when she has to do all the cooking. The kids are thrilled to be here, the mal was really something-HUGE, very huge. You can't think of something to buy that you can't there...or eat, back to food I know.

We went to a restaurant, Kokomo's for dinner, got seated had menus. But I was largely unimpressed by the menu and so we left. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ. I prefer to stick with knowns when it comes to food. I can be adventurous but terribly so when I am really hungry and whent he prices are high I better like it.

I am back to the food again, geez.

So we went to the pool tonight and we had the place to ourselves. Then, these two guys showed up. One swam in very tight little swimming short shorts. What do you call them, not speedos exactly but similar. It was not attractive. His friend sat by the pool tinkering with his blackberry. You know a few years ago that sentence would have had very different connotations. I digress, so I think I saw these two on Dateline's 'To catch a predator'. Creepy. Last night we swam at the pool at the other hotel, the one stayed at on the way up, and there were tons of kids with NO parents in sight, and I thought how sad. Then tonight I see creepy guys and feel quite affrimed and satisfied because that is precisely why I was so indignant last night.

What else to write about? hmmm. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, swimming, doing the amusement park, and finding a Wal*Mart. Even on vacation I have to hit the Wal*Mart. I am going to pick up some lunch food, more snacks, and sodas, oh yeah and batteries.

Looking forward to seeing old friends this week, it's been years. Looking forward to sleeping in, cooking little, and cleaning even less.

Oh and since I know you are worried the van was resurrected to the tune of $1043.00. OUCH. So how can we swing this vacation, simple perks. Gas is covered, food is covered, room is covered, and my favorite words-per diem! Kiddos have their own spending money, Big Daddy saved some nickels to spend and I don't need anything so voila...vacation.

As I have said a jillion times but not enough, I am blessed. I am so relieved that the van died there and not on this trip, strandening me and kids on the highway. So I am off to beddy bye- king size, man I need a king, queens are good but kings rock.


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