So much to write about too little time

First I have to say the two words I am most excited about...Fred Thompson. There is light and hope and life in the Republican party in 2008 if he runs!! I can survive the election IF he runs. I will believe again. Please, please (delivered in the Southern twang of Forest Gump's gal friend played by Robin Somethin' or other "Run Fred, Run"!

If you don't know him find out. When you discover as I hope you will he is without a doubt the best for this job please go sign the petition to ask him to run. I know in my heart he will run, I know it. He is a public servant and when he sees that the GOP's current field CANNOT get the job done he will step in to carry the water. I am so thrilled, thrilled beyond words. But he deserves his own LONG post so I will return to Fred.

All in all it was not a good day. The minivan died a terrible death, doing 70 mph on the interstate. It quit, locked up and said "no more". Fortunately I am incredibly cool and collected in crisis, I popped Abigail, the van into Neutral, hit the blinkers, tapped the brakes and guided my van, filled wth my children to the emergency lane.

This occured on my way to walk in the Way of the Cross. I was very much looking forward to it and was very disappointed that I missed it. I decided to at least spend an hour in Eucharistic Adoration. It was wonderful, truly wonderful.

The mechanic says whatever is wrong is not obvious -great, and frankly expected. It will be days before we know anything and possibly longer until we are up and running again- great, and frankly, expected.

Then Cowboy left for work and an hour or so later I realized, I had no car. Perfect. So I missed Good Friday Mass. aargh, and double aargh.

I have a headache, cramps and worries. I am offering them up.

I had important things to accomplish that got bombed today, not world peace things but still.

I am off to bed but I have so much to post about. I want talk about Wal-mart. Why I love the place, and why I think it is our free market economy at work,. Oh and why I think the naysayers should hush, and just continue to shop at the more expense places where they can clearly afford to shop, as most of us cannot.

I need to talk into oblivion about Fred Thompson, abortion, Iraq, the electoral college, and why people are voting for Sanjaya. My birthday is soon, and I am as always quite excited about it.


Most of all today is sad for me, because I have thought long and hard about my sins, and failures that that were paid in full in the very flesh of Jesus Christ as he was scourged, flogged, tortured and crucified for MY sins. Why would He give Himself to ME that way? I am so undeserving so miserable. Who am I to deserve that love? I don't. But He loves me just he same. He is all things good. I cannot even move forward to think of the Resurrection yet, I am immersed in the Sacrifice. I am humbled to my very core. I want to fall on my knees and stay there until he returns.

Good Friday is without a doubt the hardest day of the year.

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