Don't love shopping and maids make me feel guilty

This place is freakin' huge! The Mall of America, I mean. Eloquent I know but really. I can't count the coffee shops, Gaps, and American Eagle Stores. Don't misunderstand there are a zillion other stores on the FOUR FLOORS.

I am not a mall person. I am not exactly a shopping person either. When I have money I can shop. When I get to shop for the kids or for me I can shop. But to go to the mall just to go to the mall...I don't get it. I can go to the mall for dinner but just to walk and browse? I would rather look at trees in the park and walk than look at overpriced clothing.

What IS the deal with the cost of clothing? I cannot believe how much kids clothes in these places cost!! I have one word-Target, pronounced Tar-zhay. Don't get me wrong they are cute, they are stylish but is it worth the money? Anywho.

The girls loved the mall and the amusement park was fun, the restaurants were great, it's been lots of fun. The Aquarium was overpriced IMO. Just FYI.

This has been a vacation. Though vacations for moms still include some cooking, laundry, entertaining the kids, straightening up the room, discipline and integrating our schooling into the time and wet towels in the bathroom floor. Why does the maid service bother me so much? It really bothers me to have the housekeeping come in and see our room trashed. I clean it up before they come in. I couldn't be wealthy. Don't love shopping and maids make me feel guilty. What do they think about us when they are in our room? Are they going, "eeeww clean out your hairbrush". Are they wondering how large are butts are that we use sooo many towels in a day? I don't know but whatever they are thinking makes me uncomfortable.

I feel like dirt that my son has eaten doritos and gotten little crumbles all over the floor-I am a bad MOTHER!!! Now eating out...that I can get used to, I could be rich and deal with that!

Thought I was going to have to arm wrestle for a washer in the guest laundry room. Finally got used to the bed, which is very comfy, and I am sleeping. Just in time for us to leave and go to a different hotel day after tomorrow.

Better scoot, I don't want to miss the news. I am such a news junkie.

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