did I say I didn't want a maid!?

I know I posted that I was uncomfortable with maids but...I have rethought that!! I say that because I am going home where I am the maid in just a couple days.

Well today is my birthday, and I am 36 today. Don't feel any differently. I am not one of these women who freak out about birthdays. I LOVE my birthday. I do, I think everyone should celebrate, I let everyone know it's my birthday, I want to go to restaurants where people will sing to me!

I just love to celebrate life in this way. For my birthday today we drove from Minnesota to Wisconsin. I know that sounds like lots of fun, but I actually enjoy traveling. Spring hasn't quite "sprung" here but the landscape is beautiful. Lake Nakomis in Bloomington was fabulous too.

The hotel is great, AGAIN! The pool is huge and the hot tub is Ginormous!! The kids have had a ball so far. I asked them to do some journaling tonight and they seemed quite happy to do so.

Well better scoot we are having pizza, snacks, a movie and some R & R!!!


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