tomorrow is another day

My young cowboy passed his next milestone. He is driving. I am not afraid and petrified as I have known many people to be. I have some natural concerns but I am not frantic. I have paid for good training, and overseen his training personally. I have confidence in his abilities and his judgments. I know that ultimately I cannot protect him from every danger, only guide him away from obvious ones.

He isn't let loose to do what he wishes. He drives to work, specific errands or needs, and this weekend may meet a friend early on Saturday for a movie. Before the date crowd/stupid crowd hits the roads. It is surreal, truly to see him walk out the door with car keys and a plan, oh yeah and my credit card! Well he is running my errands so what can I do!

So proud of him. So gonna miss him one day. One day that seems closer than I ever realized. What will it be like to not see him everyday? Ohp, can't think about it, won't think about it... "tomorrow, I'll think about it tomorrow...after all tomorrow is another day."

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