tomorrow is another day

My young cowboy passed his next milestone. He is driving. I am not afraid and petrified as I have known many people to be. I have some natural concerns but I am not frantic. I have paid for good training, and overseen his training personally. I have confidence in his abilities and his judgments. I know that ultimately I cannot protect him from every danger, only guide him away from obvious ones.

He isn't let loose to do what he wishes. He drives to work, specific errands or needs, and this weekend may meet a friend early on Saturday for a movie. Before the date crowd/stupid crowd hits the roads. It is surreal, truly to see him walk out the door with car keys and a plan, oh yeah and my credit card! Well he is running my errands so what can I do!

So proud of him. So gonna miss him one day. One day that seems closer than I ever realized. What will it be like to not see him everyday? Ohp, can't think about it, won't think about it... "tomorrow, I'll think about it tomorrow...after all tomorrow is another day."


I don't know that I have anything particular to say today I just haven't blogged for awhile and thought I would in the few minutes I have.

So what to talk about?

Spring is in on the verge of bursting through and I am as eager as a schoolgirl to see it this year. Like last year, I need the sense of beauty and renewal. I need a fresh re- start. I don't suppose it's a coincidence that my birthday is in the spring and therefore it affects me so dramatically.

I realize of course that we all love the spring and that we all get that fever, because we are so over winter's gray depression but it has a deep abiding impact on me. An impact that will see me through the season's until it returns again. I want to be outside every moment. The cool rain, breezy nights, dewy mornings, I don't want to miss a moment. I want the windows open, and the house filled with all the sounds of the birds and the smell of the grass being cut for the first time of the year.

I meander around my yard looking for signs of life. Any signs of life. The hostas are peeking through and are about the size of my fist right now. Some of the trees have buds, and some don't yet, but I am looking daily to catch every moment. I can't wait for the first warm rain. The kids and I will go walking in it with our bare feet. We will play in the mud and squish it between our toes. We will make mud pies and get dirty and then take a warm shower. Cozy up by a fire and read our books. I can't wait.

I know the days are coming soon when we wil begin to eat outside. If I had my way all meals would be eaten outside in the spring. There is nothing so perfect as having my coffee, bagel, fruit and yogurt in the morning sitting with my feet up on my deck, as the sun comes and warms my world. Lunch when the sun is high in the sky and cool iced tea washes down a light meal or dinner from the grill while the kids and dogs play in the yard, and Big Daddy and I sit back and take it all in. As the sun sets we light a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmellow and talk.

And so it begins with spring...those days will carry us through October and into late fall. Those beautiful memories will linger as we celebrate holidays, begin a new year and then in February and March again I will await my spring.

"I'm as restless as a willow in a wind storm. I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string, I'd say that I have spring fever..."