Solar powered


I can deal with cold, I can live with snow, sleet, and even cold rain. But this overcast depressing sky needs to go!

Thankfully Sunday a brilliant blue sky recharged me a tiny bit. Hopefully it will sustain me throughout this coming week.

I used to joke that I am solar powered but I am starting to lend that joke real creedence. I can only do so many days of cozy, so many days of snuggling under a throw on the couch with a good book. All things I love and embrace about winter don't get me wrong. My fireplace is one of my favorite things in the world. I love a roaring fire, I have one almost everyday. But a bright cold snowy winter day is much more appealing than this smoky grey world I am oppressed by through my window. The trees look so much worse on this kind of day too, everything looks so much worse.

I have no problem at all believing suicides are higher in the winter...what else do you have to do but sit around and contemplate how miserable everything looks...and then of course how miserable everything is...add a bottle of wine, a bad movie and chain letter email you didn't send immediately to 10 ppl and that's a recipe for disaster my friend.

You know what I will think about today to get me through this? Yeah spring is an easy one, but entirely too generic for me. I will think of the Love Boat. Exciting and new...come aboard, we're expecting uh ME!! Yep today I will be visiting the Love Boat. Gopher can fetch me some tanning lotion (no sunscreen -this is my winter fantasy getaway and rather than be safe from harmful rays I will be tanning-thank you). Isaac can make me a frozen watermelon daquiri and Doc can write me a script for valium. WAIT!! That's still a recipe for suicide! Medication, and liquor! I could fall of the boat and drown...and I can barely tread water. Geez, the winter blues has really infiltrated. Okay scratch the valium, just a virgin daquiri and maybe I will take the sunscreen.

Did the rodent see his shadow??

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