First Things

My baby boy took his first steps today.

He is 16.  I don't mean he began to walk, he took his first steps into adulthood. He had his first job interview today. He got the job! Of course he did! He was hired as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the YMCA. He handled all the phone calls, arrangements and went into the interview on his own.

I 'm so proud. My heart was so full when he left the house, I thought it would burst. I can't imagine any other calling in life that could mean more to me than sitting in the front row for the story of my children's lives.

Sitting back enjoying a hot cup of coffee I let the memories wash over me. I was privileged to be there for all his first things. His first tooth coming in, the first one he lost, the first dentist visit and braces. I was there for his first injuries, first cold, first surgery. I watched his first scoots become first crawls. First steps, first time on a swing. I potty trained him and danced with him in the bathroom the first time he told me he had to go and we made it on time.

I took off his training wheels and watched him go at full speed without assistance as if he were born on a bicycle. I walked him into his first day of Kindergarten and walked him out of his last day of public school only a few years later to begin our homeschooling journey. I was there the first time he saddled up on a horse and discovered a lifelong passion. I bought the drums, help him set them up and listened as he pounded away at the bass. I took him shopping for his first suit, let him drive for the first time, and took him to get his permit and license. I took photos went he went to his first dance, earned scouting patches and when he sang in front of people. I was the one who walked him back to the pharmacy when he stole a chapstick at age 3 - his first and LAST crime.

I taught him to learn. To understand history, algebra, geography, music, science and literature. I watched him make him friends, nurture his passions and reach for his dreams. Above all, I get to share my love for Jesus with him. I see him love the Lord and I know through grace God has used me to minister to him.

I ask you, could anything be more rewarding?

The day is coming when the children will move into their adult life and I can chase down whatever personal dreams I have left...there really aren't many that haven't come true. Then I will embrace with joyful sorrow the lasts. The last night at home in his old room. The last family meal before he leaves home. The last morning I get to wake him up with a kiss on the forehead. Many lasts have passed already. The last time he nursed, the last time he crawled in my lap crying, the last time he slept in the bed with me because he was afraid of the dark, the last time I washed his hair. Sadly I didn't know they were the last. They passed without fanfare into our history. Thankfully I have a thousand of those times in between to comfort me.

I am so thankful for my husband, his loving self sacrifice to shoulder the burden of this family's finances, has made every joyful moment in my life possible. He could give me no greater gift. Thank you honey.

This was first published at 3:51 pm on 2/7/07 today 2/7/18, finds this son married, working, buying their first home. In July they blessed me with my first grandchild. The lasts were hard. The firsts keep coming and I'm still right here loving every moment with my family.

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