An Ode to Laundry by me

Hand towels, wash cloths, dryer sheets.
Baskets overflowing with socks that stink like feet.

Bath towels used but once to dry sqeaky clean skin.
No one seems to notice me beneath the laundry I am in.

Clothes tried on, rejected, and to the floor they gently fall.
Clothes that were so coveted one day at the mall.
Those clothes will not be lonely, more rejects meet them there.
So many clean clothes in the laundry, I could truly pull out my hair.

Laundry oh laundry, will you never end?
Laundry, my laundry why won't you be friend?
Why do you hate me? Why don't you try?
Why and how to do you so quickly multiply?

I cannot leave you, I cannot get away.
Because just like yesterday, today is laundry day.

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