So this is a blog...

So this is a blog...why do I want a blog? I guess because I think I have something to say. I am quite certain there will plenty of people who won't like some of the things I may post here, but maybe I will find a choir here to preach to from time to time. Can I get an Amen! Either way it is an outlet for all the stories, thoughts, humor, and junk that bounces around in my head. My darling spouse may find himself quite relieved to have some backup in this department.

I ask only that anyone who reads this keep in mind that these are thoughts, they change, and develop. Just as I do in my beliefs, and in my life.

I am all about being a mom to the very best human beings that the Good Lord ever saw fit to breathe life into. They are amazing. Even the teenager! They are my favorite people to spend time with and since we homeschool, I get to do lots, and lots of that everyday. I felt called to be their mom, as well as how ever many more God will place in my care. Whether from my body, foster care, adoption, wayward second cousins who end up at my door, or even my two black labs, I will love and mother with all I have.

I am as Harry says in Harry met Sally, the worst kind of girl, the high maintenance girl that thinks she is low maintenance. I like my things just so, from my order in a restaurant to my clothes, my home, my pantry, my make up. I work out often times in my makeup, eventhough no one is watching me in the basement. I like to look nice. I reapply the makeup, change clothes, and fluff the hair before hubby gets home. I like beautiful things. I want my home, my yard, all the things that surround me to be beautiful. And they are. I love my man, he makes me feel like a girl, his girl. I am so very blessed.

As for all the time, I never stop going. I get up fairly early, and maintain full days. I am always myself. I strive to be authentic. To be true to who I am, who God calls me to be. Most times I succeed. I am on an amazing journey, I stumble, I fail, I get up and keep working. It's a great ride that I wouldn't miss for anything!

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