Missing MS & TX

I can't imagine finding the time normally to post daily, but today is a fairly laid back kind day/evening and I thought I would hop on and babble a bit.

I miss my friends, my sisters. I don't know that I will ever find friends like those again. We still talk and email but it is not the same at all. They were really there for me. I trusted them. Trust doesn't come easy to me.

I miss my good friend E in Texas too. She was a hoot. I really need to talk to her. She was a girlfriend ya know. I haven't had girlfriends since high school! I don't miss the locations at all, but the friends I made there will never leave my heart.

My daughter wants lifelong friends so badly. She understands the loss probably as much as anyone.

I've made new friends since the move but it takes time to really connect and I still haven't made good friends yet.

It's hard to put yourself out there to make new friends. I really sympathize when children go through this and parents act as if it's easy.

I am hopeful that some of our new friendships will develop over the winter.

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